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      Hangzhou Xiaoshan Jiachi towline factory was founded in 1990, more than twenty-two years,National tourist city - the site is located in the picturesque city of Hangzhou,Is a private enterprise.

The company has improved the design, development, testing and manufacture of various types of special and non-standard towline capacity, and took the lead through the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification. Existing machinery manufacturing, injection molding, stamping, and several other blocks, is a comprehensive and diversified private sector.

The company's main engineering plastic towline and steel drag chain, but also long-term customers around the world to customize various high quality chain, at the same time, I plant mainly produces JC series and JR series engineering plastic towline towline is now widely used in metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, machinery, electric power, lifting, fire, marine, military, oil drilling and other industries, and in 2007 manufacturing and installation towline Huizhou oil drilling platform, has been manufactured in 2009 completion of loading machine rotary chain.

Our company not only new technology, new varieties, and the concept of culture. The company actively and strive to practice the business philosophy, modern people-oriented, and strive to forge ahead into a technological progress, scientific management, the prosperity of the cause of talents, first-class modern enterprise. To first-class products, sincere service, and friends together to the depth and breadth of international market development.

The company will be backed by strong economic strength, advanced technology as the guide, for the principle of scientific management system, product quality to ISO9001: 2000 requirements for standards, for your dedicated service.

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