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Service commitment:
One of the three bags of products sold, within the warranty period, if appearances by manufacturing quality problems caused by the factory for repair, replacement or return; due to other reasons for the problems caused by factory actively help users solve the problem, in order to ensure timely product into operation, the accident to minimize losses.
2, major equipment installation, commissioning, on-site technical service, led by the deputy chief engineer of technical experts from home led services to solve customer problems. Representatives accredited to the site of key projects.
3, the company's products to reach your office, the technician will be responsible for helping to guide the installation and commissioning work.
4, and actively do a good job with the user's on-site operation and maintenance of product management at any time to the user in order to provide our products at cost of spare parts and accessories.
5, insist on quality first, user supreme principle, at the disposal of the user's call.
6, the equipment within the scope of the maintenance such as quality problems, the company responsible for maintenance free, and in the call and response within 2-5 hours. Company Service Duty Phone 0571 -82,779,078 Fax 0571 -82,779,623

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